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Working Together to Improve Coverage, Access, Research, and Equity




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The Patient CARE Working Table is a collaboration of patient advocacy groups and supporting organizations with a common interest in developing consensus proposals that help advance patient-centered federal health care policies that improve and modernize our health care system.  

The shared Vision of the Patient CARE Working Table is to advance consensus-based federal health care policies that facilitate the evolution of our health care system toward a future state of patient-centered care where patient needs in coverage, access, research, and equity are prioritized in order to improve their health and well-being.  

  • Coverage: Ensuring comprehensive coverage for therapies, wraparound services, and supports that improve patients’ quality of life and experience in receiving care.  


  • Access: Advocating for policies that promote timely access to needed clinical care, treatments, therapies, and diagnostics, including support needed to access and sustain care.  

  • Research: Promoting policies that incentivize and fund innovative research into care, cures, and improved outcomes for patients, especially for diseases and populations lacking in these areas.  


  • Equity: Encouraging improvements that better facilitate patient engagement with their own health and health care and help reduce disparities and inequities across the health care system. Leaders across the health care community have a responsibility to consider how to better meet the needs of the individuals who face disparities and inequities, whether due to race, ethnicity, linguistic and cultural barriers, disability, etc. We seek to expand efforts in education to improve health literacy, policies that improve patient choices in health care, and policies which promote culturally competent care and resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession have exacerbated pre-existing financial and system barriers in our health care system. To address these barriers, the Working Table seeks to collaborate, develop, and advocate for federal health care policies which enjoy support across the health care sector and would help improve patients’ access to, and use of, health care in the current environment.  

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We recognize that there is strength in numbers and welcome you to reach out with questions about Patient CARE’s work and for inquiries about membership.  

We welcome inquiries about membership from patient advocacy groups and other health care stakeholders who are interested in collaborating and aligned with our mission in advancing patient-centered reforms focused on coverage, access, research, and equity.  

If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the contact form below and a team member will get back to you with information about Patient CARE.  

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